Denplan Essentials at Oak Lodge


At Oak Lodge Dental Practice we constantly strive to improve the service we provide to our patients. This improvement ranges from considering the clinical quality of the equipment we use, to which magazines we have on offer in the waiting room!

In doing so, we have recently reviewed the various payment schemes we offer at the practice in order to make them as beneficial to our patients as possible. We consider our Denplan Essentials at Oak Lodge scheme perhaps the most cost effective scheme we offer at the Oak Lodge.

We asked Dr Phillip Bolton to explain the plan and its benefits to our patients a bit more:   

What is Denplan Essentials at Oak Lodge?

Denplan Essentials at Oak Lodge is our 'maintenance plan'. The beauty of it is that it greatly helps our patients both organise and budget for their routine dental care. Besides working out as cheaper than ‘paying as you go’ you also gain 10% off any treatment required, so it is a fantastic way to save money too!    

What does Denplan Essentials at Oak Lodge get me?

For just £15 a month you are entitled to: x 2 Routine Dental Examinations a year x 2 Hygiene Appointments a year 10 % Off All Treatment Supplementary Dental Emergency Insurance Cover

How is Denplan Essentials different to Denplan Care?

The plan differs from our current Denplan Care scheme, in that once you have attended the practice for your new patient examination you may start the plan and receive your 10% discount straight away, without the need to be deemed 'dentally fit'.  There's no need for any re-assessments, we won't place our patients in any categories based on their dental history and the cover is applicable to all, no matter their dental past. It's a one- size fits all plan- it is that simple!

Are there any further benefits I could receive as a Denplan Essentials patient at Oak Lodge?

There are various further benefits. For example, with each family member registered as a Denplan Essential patient you get an additional 5% off your monthly fee. The plan also provides our patients with Dental Emergency and Injury cover both at home and abroad, with access to a 24 hr worldwide dental emergency helpline. We find this insurance a huge benefit, it gives our patients peace of mind when travelling. Parents of children going to University find this aspect particularly beneficial- as it's just one less thing for them to worry about!

Are there any restrictions to joining the plan?

There are only a few conditions to joining the plan. As long as you have had your New Patient Examination here at Oak Lodge you are eligible for Oak Lodge Essentials. The other is part of the small print is that alongside your first payment there is a £15 registration fee per patient.  (I told you it was simple!)

If you are interested in Denplan Essentials at Oak Lodge Dental Practice, just call 01428 723179 to find out more, or just ask any member of staff at your next dental appointment.