Staying One Step Ahead


In an age when the use of tablets is becoming increasingly popular the practice has introduced the use of our brand new 'Clinipad'.

The Clinipad allows Oak Lodge Dental Practice a big leap ahead in its task to become a 'paperless practice'. As a patient, the main difference you will notice is that we no longer ask you to fill in a paper Medical History form, instead a few simple clicks and a signature and all of your details are transferred directly to our records.

For us the Clinipad means a big reduction in the administration time for your dentist, allowing them more time to concentrate further on treating you, the patient. I

n trialing the Clinipad at the practice we have found that our patients are enjoying the introduction of the tablet, they find it quick and simple to use and as of yet we have not had the Clinipad returned without a patient commenting on it and smiling. And for that very reason it is a definite hit with us!

As ever, we revolve around the views of our patients and love to hear your feedback about all aspects of the practice. So please let us know what you think of the Clinipad next time you visit Oak Lodge Dental Practice...