Planning your dental care with Denplan

join Denplan to pay for your routine dental care

Did you know that as a patient at Oak Lodge you can join a Denplan payment plan to help you budget and plan for your routine dental care?

What does Denplan mean to me as a patient?

When you join Denplan Essentials the cost of your regular dental care becomes more cost-effective than the traditional ‘pay as you go’ option. Plus, by paying each month, you won’t have an unexpected expense when you visit.

At Oak Lodge, we offer patients the option to join our most popular monthly payment plan, Denplan Essentials. At just £16.50 per month, your plan includes:

  • 2 dental examinations per year
  • 2 hygienist appointments per year
  • 10% off all treatments
  • Supplementary emergency insurance

Additional family member benefits

As a Denplan Essentials member at Oak Lodge, your family members are also welcome to join and benefit from the payment plan. With each family member registered to Denplan Essentials, you will receive an additional 5% off your total monthly premium.

Eligibility to join Denplan Essentials

All patients, existing and new are welcome to join Denplan Essentials. As an existing patient, you can sign up at any point by speaking to our reception team. For new patients joining the practice, you will need to undergo a New Patient Examination at Oak Lodge, which includes 2 x-rays. Following your new patient exam, you can join Denplan Essentials, safe in the knowledge that 2 checkups and 2 hygienist appointments per year are covered within your plan going forward. 

It’s as simple as that!

Comprehensive payment plan

If you are looking for a more comprehensive package, Denplan Care may be suitable for you. Denplan Care covers you for a range of treatments based on an assessment carried out by your Oak Lodge Dental Surgeon. 

Which Denplan is for me?

To find out which Denplan payment plan is suitable for you and your family, please speak to our knowledgeable reception team on 01428 723179 or email

Financing your treatment at Oak Lodge

We know that the cost of dental treatment can be a worry to some patients. To assist with the financial planning for larger treatment plans, including Invisalign, we are pleased to offer patients 0% finance.

Available on treatment plans over £1,200, our 0% finance allows you to spread the cost of treatment over 3 – 10 months to suit your needs.

Planning your dental care

If you would like to join Oak Lodge as a new patient, discuss Denplan options or 0% finance for your treatment plan, please call our reception team on 01428 723179 today.