Our new patient journey

oaklodge-covid19-treatment update

Due to the current guidelines in place to keep staff and patients as safe as possible during dental treatment, we have made significant changes to our already very robust practice procedures.

Following our reopening plans where we prioritised those patients with a dental emergency and those in pain, we are now pleased to be able to provide routine dentistry to all patients from Monday 6 July 2020.


Should you require an emergency appointment, you will need to follow the below guidelines for your safety and that of other patients and staff.

In line with current guidelines, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus: a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, please let us know and do not attend your appointment. This is for the safety of yourself and the Oak Lodge team. If you are unable to attend and are still in dental pain, we will be happy to provide you with telephone advice to assist you. Please call the practice on 01428 723179.

We kindly ask that if you are unable to attend your appointment you provide us with as much notice as possible so that we may help another patient in need, as appointments are extremely limited at this time.


If you are able, please attend on your own to help minimise the number of people within the practice. One adult can accompany a child if they have an appointment, but we ask that additional family members are not brought in to the practice. If you require assistance or are supporting someone vulnerable, please call the practice in advance to inform us, so that we can assist you during your visit.

Upon arrival, a member of the Oak Lodge team will take your temperature using a no-touch thermometer. Should your temperature be above 37.8°C, you will not be able to attend your dental appointment. In line with current government guidelines, you will need to return home and self-isolate.

Upon entering the practice, you will need to use the hand sanitiser at reception. Our reception team will be sat behind clear screens for increased protection.

Please note that our front door will remain locked to ensure that strict safety procedures are met.


All of the clinical staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with the current guidelines. We realise this may feel like a different experience, particularly for children, however rest assured we are still the same friendly, caring team you are used to and we will do our best to make you feel at ease.

Depending on the procedure required, you may be asked to use a mouthwash before treatment is provided.

At the end of your appointment, you will need to thoroughly wash or sanitise your hands before leaving the treatment room and the practice.


If you require further treatment or a follow up appointment, our reception team will call you after your visit to arrange a convenient time. This is to minimise your time in the practice.

With your appointment complete, our reception team will ensure you have all of your belongings and escort you to the door.


We do understand that this will create a significantly different experience of visiting the practice compared to what you are used to but of course these guidelines are in place for the safety and protection of staff and patients. We would ask you to follow the guidelines closely during your time at Oak Lodge to help us to ensure we can continue to provide face to face dental treatment for as many patients in need as possible.

Should the guidelines change, we will be in touch with you before your appointment to confirm any necessary adjustments to this process.  

In addition to robust standard cleaning protocols, additional cleaning measures are now also in place, for instance the common areas including door handles and surfaces will be disinfected between patients.

To allow for the additional safety and cleaning procedures to be followed, we will be seeing far fewer patients, extending appointment times and allowing additional time between patients to avoid unnecessary contact and allow deep cleaning.

We are unable to offer any kind of refreshments during your visit to minimise cross infection.

Please note we are only able to accept card payments.


We hope the above information provides you with reassurance that we are doing everything that we can to maintain the health and safety of staff and patients during your visit to Oak Lodge.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support. Oak Lodge Dental Practice has always worked hard to provide you with a high-quality service. We intend to carry this forward despite the new changes.