Chewing the Facts... The benefits of chewing sugar-free gum


Chewing sugar free gum has long been considered of benefit to oral health. It serves as a means of breaking down lingering food particles, promoting saliva production and neutralising plaque acid; all great functions for tooth protection!

It is now being reported that if children chew sugar free gum every day after eating, it could save the NHS £8 million a year!

The idea is that children chewing sugar free gum in lieu of brushing their teeth after eating snacks or lunch at school, would have an aide to help to protect their teeth from cavity-causing plaque acid caused by the food particles left in their mouth after eating. Although nothing can replace the advantages of brushing, dental professionals also recommend chewing sugar free gum for 20 minutes after food in order to benefit.

As with all good-health practices, prevention is about setting up watertight routines and creating a way of life to benefit your health.

Whether that is children and teens chewing gum after eating, or children taking their toothbrush to school and brushing for 2 minutes after lunch; ensuring that you take steps to protect your families teeth by some means will benefit both their own health and the health of a struggling NHS!

The article from The Telegraph below explains in further detail the argument for 12 years old chewing gum after eating and the health benefits this could have on our teens' teeth... See Youngster Chewing Gum by the Telegraph .

If you are interested in hearing Dr Bolton, or Dr Lloyd's view on chewing sugar-fee gum, please do feel free to discuss this with them at your next check-up! Or give the practice a call on 01428 723179 and our nurses or hygienists can give you more information.