The Oak Lodge Dental experience

Oak Lodge Dental experience

Meeting your new dentist for the first time is a nerve-wracking appointment for many patients, especially when battling traumatic past dental experiences. Here at Oak Lodge Dental we're well aware of the effects of dental phobia and work hard to ensure that your new patient examination experience is one that leaves you feeling relaxed, reassured and in control of your dental health.

Booking your appointment...

As a brand new patient to the practice, you may well have already been acquainted with one of our fab reception team, either by phone, email or popping into the practice for a look around. Our team are well-equipped to help you with any of your initial queries regarding the practice and can arm you with all of the information you may need prior to your appointment. You can ask them for information on our fees, the membership plans we offer, the parking and accessibility of the practice...or even the inside-scoop on which dentist they think you might be best suited for! 

Once you have made the brave step of booking yourself in for your first examination appointment (which we endeavor to book in as soon as possible and at suitable a time for you) you will receive further information on the practice, either by way of our practice brochure in the post, or a welcome email. Both will allow you access to all of the information you may need about the practice, by way of our brochure or our snazzy new website, which we thoroughly recommend you take a look at!  

Welcome to the practice...

Upon arriving at the practice one of our team will welcome you and ask that you complete a Medical History form in the comfort of our relaxing waiting room. We always recommend you arrive about 5 or 10 minutes prior to your appointment, just so you have time to complete this simple form for your dentist. Then it's time to head into the surgery..! 

Putting you in the driver's seat...

Your dentist or their nurse will come and collect you in person from the waiting room and lead you to the surgery. They will explain the appointment to you and give you the opportunity to ask any and all questions you can think of.

We work to a strict patient-centric ethos. Which puts you in the driver's seat at all times throughout your appointment. Feel free to ask any questions, at any time. Want to know what a particular instrument does? Just ask. Don't understand what the dentist has just said. Just ask! While you're in the surgery the time is all yours and we want you to leave your appointment fully understanding your dental needs and how we might be able to help you fulfill them, including the procedure and costs involved in getting you to full dental fitness. 

Throughout your appointment we may take photos, or x-rays, which we will show you and walk you through. We find this tool is invaluable in helping our patients understand and feel more in control of their dental needs.

...And you're done! 

Once you have finished your initial examination appointment you will be presented with a plan and estimate for any further treatment you may need and again, we will work hard to ensure you are booked in as soon and as conveniently as possible and send you reminders nearer the time of your appointment, just to make sure you haven't forgotten about us! 

Seeing the dentist shouldn't be a painful or traumatic experience and the whole team at Oak Lodge Dental firmly believe that a patient's experience at our practice should be a relaxed, friendly one, which leaves a patient fully understanding their dental needs and armed with all of the information and means to help them achieve dental fitness. 

If you would like to book your New Patient Examination today, please call 01428 723 179 and book in to  encounter the 'Oak Lodge new patient experience' for yourself...!

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