Choose high quality, safe tooth whitening

safe tooth whitening

A recent study in the British Dental Journal has highlighted the dangers of some tooth whitening products offered for sale to the public. Since 2012 whitening products containing effective concentrations of peroxides suitable for dental use have only been available in dental practices. These products are completely safe and their use strictly controlled.

However other ingredients have been found in proprietary “over the counter” whitening products which damage the tooth surface and reduce the hardness of the enamel.

The BDJ study demonstrates a flaw in the system allowing products with questionable safety and efficacy to be readily available to the public without adequate control.

Individual patient treatment

At Oak Lodge, we invest our time and expertise into each and every patient to find the best solution for their needs, be that whitening or general dentistry. Whilst tooth whitening is increasing in popularity, the wide spread availability of over the counter solutions is concerning.

For our patients seeking tooth whitening, after an in-depth consultation to check overall oral health, we recommend the Boutique At-Home Whitening Kit.

Make a great impression

With an impression taken during your appointment, your flexible and comfortable whitening trays are produced for you to collect around 10 days later. During this follow up appointment, we make sure the trays fit perfectly, show you how to use the gel with the trays and recommend the length and frequency of treatment based on your desired result.

It’s then as simple as wearing the trays overnight (or as directed) and letting the whitening gel work its magic! You should start to see results in 2-3 days with overnight usage. After around 7-10 days of usage, we’d like you to pop back in so that we can check on your progress and discuss your results.

If you’d like to achieve a whiter, brighter smile with our Boutique Whitening At-Home Kit, call our reception team on 01428 723179 and book your appointment today.