Don’t let sensitive teeth spoil your summer fun

visit your dentist if you're concerned about sensitive teeth

If the thought of an ice-cold drink in this weather makes you shudder because your teeth are sensitive, it might be time to pop to the dentist.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Teeth sensitivity isn’t something you can see. In fact, your teeth can look healthy and be cavity-free and yet still cause pain or discomfort.
Sensitivity is caused by two main issues; gum recession or loss of enamel.
Gum recession can be caused by gum disease or simply by brushing too hard. A simple solution, in this case, is to switch to a sensitive toothpaste, which works to seal the exposed dentine on the root of the tooth. If after using a sensitive toothpaste for 5-7 days you aren’t seeing any improvement, visit your dentist to discuss alternative treatment options.
Loss of enamel can be the result of excessive grinding or using abrasive toothpaste. Whilst a sensitive toothpaste may provide some relief from the discomfort, we would recommend seeing your dentist as it may be necessary to look at a treatment plan to achieve a long term solution.

Minimising tooth sensitivity

To minimise your teeth’s sensitivity, follow our top tips below:
·      Avoid brushing too hard
·      Use a softer toothbrush designed for sensitive teeth
·      See your dentist and hygienist regularly to help keep teeth and gums healthy
·      Include regular interdental cleaning in your dental routine to minimise gum disease.
If you’re concerned about sensitive teeth, call our friendly team today on 01428 723179 or book online to make an appointment to see your dentist.