We're feeling all warm and fuzzy!


We love to hear from our patients and this handmade card and thoughtful poem has made our week!

The 'Root' to a good Dentist, by Ann.

When I was a child, to the dentist I’d go,

That was so many, many years ago.

Nervous I would be, each time that I went,

I hate the dentists, my nerves were all spent.

As a teenager I felt the very same

Every time the appointment duly came

And my feelings as an adult were so raw,

No matter which dentist that I saw.


When that dreaded day, quickly came along,

On the dentist chair, I tried to be strong.

Quivering inside and wanting to smile,

Would this stress last for long, well yes for a while.

Then one sunny day my practice changed,

Oak Lodge I rang and had everything arranged.


So low and behold it was Phil that I met,

So welcoming and smiley, I didn’t have to fret

And his lovely people that make hubby a drink,

No worries or stress, this looks good I think.

Do I worry now, I don’t of course,

I’m pleased I’ve changed, I’ve no remorse.


This practice I’ve chosen is one of a kind,

The people so friendly, such a good find.

So now when my appointment time comes around,

I don’t stress any more, just look what I’ve found.

A place that is happy, no need to be scared,

From worry and stress, I am now spared.


So if you want somewhere, that is caring and kind,

To look after your teeth with your welfare in mind.

Oak Lodge is the place, to come is a must,

‘Cos anywhere else, you won’t see me for dust.