Afraid to ask that question...?


'Preventative dentistry' is the attempt to tackle an outdated trend of visiting a dentist and sitting in a chair quietly whilst someone rummages around in your mouth and then rebooking for the same service in six months time. With no advice on how your brushing is going, no mention of hygienist services, or what on earth an electric toothbrush does, the fate of your own teeth is forever in your dentist's squeaky latex-gloved hands!

It's a system that benefits nobody in the long-term.

Patients leave with a sense of confusion and helplessness regarding their own oral health and dentists are faced with a constant uphill struggle against poor oral health.

Linda Geddes, a freelance science journalist for The Guardian answers, in the article below, the questions we all have, but forget to ask, or feel we should somehow already know the answers to. Questions like, "is chewing gum good or bad...?" or "do I brush before or after breakfast?"

It's a wonderful article that adds to the increasing amount of information available to help you learn that your own teeth are not a mystery. That looking after them routinely is a big step towards looking after them properly and that your ongoing oral health does not have to be an exact science that only your dentist can provide once every six months. (Although it does help!)

You are always welcome to ask our dentists any questions you may have about your teeth, or dental products you may have seen, or what their views are on fluoride, or electric toothbrushes or even chewing gum!

No matter how unrelated you think your dental question may be, Dr Bolton and Dr Lloyd are here to help provide you with an answer and help you gain more control of your own oral health.